Metropolis Continued

When participating Kick-About artist and animator, Emily Clarkson, offered up ‘Metropolis‘ as the second prompt, I wasn’t alone in looking forward to walking into the expressionistic world of Fritz Lang’s epic work of science-fiction. At the outset I knew I wanted to begin with the concept drawings for the film by Erich Kettelhut, and I knew I’d be seeking to produce something by following the principles of collage and layering. What I didn’t know was that I’d find this particular challenge hugely addictive and satisfying, and that I’d produce a lot of stuff on my way to choosing the image for the Kick-About with which I was most happy.

Every image in this post (and many others not in it) were all seeded by one pencil drawing and my guiding principle was a simple one; do now as I did back on my art A’level and subsequent Foundation course, which is to keep pushing a very limited series of processes and tools until something interesting happens! What I enjoyed particularly about the later stages of the process was my inability to stop the imagery coalescing into rich Art Deco pattern-making, as if the stylistic motifs of the original movie are themselves somehow irrepressible.

10 thoughts on “Metropolis Continued

  1. Love these images Phil, such a great example of what you describe in terms of expanding and developing a clear concept. You say it’s simple, I would disagree – I wouldn’t have a clue how to do this!!

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    1. Thanks Tony – really, this an example of something complex-looking born out of lots of much simpler smaller things. The process is a bit like one of those magic eye pictures – where you look and look and suddenly you discover what it is you’re producing and then you can work towards it with a bit more gusto!


      1. This video might help if you want to record future digital work Phil.

        It’s simple to record using OBS, and then I just speed the clip up in Premiere Pro 🙂

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