Throwback Friday #134 Grasses at The River Slea

I can’t date this photograph exactly, though it was taken at some point in the early 2000s, but I can tell you where I was when I took it: somewhere along the banks of the River Slea in Lincolnshire on a winter’s morning. Looking like one of those heraldic banners, I was obviously drawn to this surviving crisp of grass and snapped it using my old 35mm camera.

Throwback Friday #133 ‘Rhus typhina’

These photographs of the glorious foliage of a Staghorn sumac tree were taken in the garden belonging to my late grandmother at some point in the mid-2000s – can’t remember when exactly, though I remember actually taking the pictures themselves; walking down the flight of enclosed concrete steps that led down from Grandma’s first floor flat and out into the garden at the back, where this tree opened out from a small central bed like a festive umbrella.

Throwback Friday #129 Girona (2015)

Back in 2015, I took 30+ students to Barcelona. Student field trips are exhausting and stressful for all the reasons you might well predict, but they’re also a huge amount of fun and invaluable experiences. This photograph of Girona – which we visited for a few hours after our visit to the Salvador Dali museum – reminds me of the gentle sunshine of that day, of the sneaky lagers we quaffed together before getting back on the bus, and of the very real privilege of working with young creative people.