Film: Lost In Fields Part 9 – Fox’s Cross, April (2021)

My recent trips to Fox’s Cross to photograph the splendour of the Blackthorn blossom have inspired a further entry into the Lost In Fields series of short, stills-based films. What a contrast with No.8, inspired as it was by desolate frozen wastes and luckless polar expeditions. Here, I was going for something as fleeting, delicate and ephemeral as the blossom itself, including too the songs of the robin and the skylark, both of which soundtracked our time in this, another of Kent’s ordinary/extraordinary fields.

Blackthorn At Fox’s Cross #3 (2021)

A second trip to the big open field at Fox’s Cross, bordered on all sides by hedges of Blackthorn, their branches mustardy with lichen, and their blossom, just going over, capturing pinks, creams, beige and baby-blues in the dipping of the sunlight. As an accompaniment to the taking of these photographs, two skylarks hovered over the middle of the field, singing their respective hearts out.