La Ville #2 (2021)

A few more city-inspired impressions, produced in response to The Kick-About No. 41, with Fernand Léger’s 1919 painting, La Ville, as it’s jumping-off point. These images were produced digitally, by layering up a single image and encouraging a certain ‘smudgery’ and pushing for a bit of visual grattage to void the digitalness of the process. There’s a certain build up of residue in some of these images I’m beginning to enjoy. ‘Dirty old town…’

La Ville #1 (2021)

I took the photograph (below) in Katowice, Poland, on the first of my two trips there in 2017 and 2019 respectively. My reason for visiting the city was on account of my collaboration with the orchestra there.

This particular image was taken on my first visit, on a bright winter’s afternoon, as I explored the city in the gap between rehearsal and performance. Léger’s painting, La Ville (the prompt for The Kick-About No. 41) reminded me of this image, something about the absence of any horizon and all those vertical stripes, the prompt sending me back to my archives for a rummage.

The association made, I set myself the task of using this one photograph as the only element in a digital collage, re-sizing it, layering it, rotating it, slicing it up, and then building it back together again. Different layering combinations soon pushed out different colours, and ultimately, different cities, or rather the same city at different times of the day. In common with so many of these Kick-About challenges, I find restricting my available resources to be an effective way of getting into making different types of work.