Seed Heads (After Mungkuri) #2 (2021)

Inspired by the paintings of Aboriginal artist, Peter Mungkuri, whose work was the subject of this week’s Kick-About, I returned to this Menken-inspired technique to produced some pared-down impressions of desiccated seed heads and grasses. Despite the colours some of us might readily associate with paintings evoking the Australian landscape, Mungkuri’s paintings are monochromatic, and so, in the first instance, I wanted to work in that range too. The resulting images were wintry and very much of the English cottage garden, meadow or coastal path, but much less this second group, which shimmer with heat and blaze with the colours of baked earth.

Seed Heads (After Mungkuri) (2021)

‘Monochromatic plant forms’ was the start for me, in response to Peter Mungkuri’s 2019 painting. Punu Ngura, the latest prompt for The Kick-About No.37. I was curious to see how ‘slightly’ I could depict my subject matter, how stripped down, and then use some of the techniques from this previous Kick-About response to produce particular effects. I was also thinking about the direct image-making of producing cyanotypes and how you only get one shot, and how the immediacy of the process produces happy accidents and unpredictability. The resulting images combine drawing onto painted glass (or is it etching?) with long-exposure photography, and I was happy with the resulting mood of them; plant skeletons under moonlight, or plant skeletons crisped with hoar frost.