Knave’s Ash, October (2020)

We left the house late on Tuesday afternoon, the sun already leaving the sky. The wind was getting up too, so by the time we arrived at Knave’s Ash, the camera was struggling. That said, as is often the case, limitations gave rise to some pretty dream-like results, the orangey light from the already-set sun giving the final few yellow flower heads a last chance to glow.

Knave’s Ash, August – Part 1 (2020)

In the knowledge the recent heat and drought must be turning the meadows, hay fields and forgotten scrublands into parched vistas of gold, ochre and rust, I’ve been keen to get out and about with my camera again.

We returned to the meadow at Knave’s Ash to find its once-fountainous grasses scythed to the ground, but around its edges long drifts of bone-white stems topped by aureate plumes, the bronze fossils of umbellifers, the chocolatey flower spikes of dock leaves, and smatterings of yellow daisies. A whole world of sepia and antique gold.