Film: Getting Lost In Fields – Anthology 2020

On the cusp of the new year, I wanted to avoid any further musings on 2020 as they might relate to the pandemic, not least because I suspect the ‘new year’ is going to feel a lot like the old one – at least for a while. Instead, I’ve gathered together all seven ‘Lost In Fields’ films as my swansong to a strange, slow year that was not without its simple pleasures and rich in moments of beauty.

11 thoughts on “Film: Getting Lost In Fields – Anthology 2020

  1. Great to see all these films together, Phil, they’re so poignant and beautiful. My mind creates all kinds of narratives going on underneath these slowly dissolving images, a lovely way to remember the year 😊

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  2. Thanks Phil – was hoping for an ‘eighth’ in 2020 – with snow, but maybe 2021 will provide! Happy New Year to you over there in a much more wintery Berlin – wishing you much fun and creativity at the art table! X

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