Film: Lost In Fields Part 8 – Saxon Shore Scrub, February (2021)

An eighth film in the Getting Lost In Fields series, a marked departure from the impressionist fantasias of some of my other photographic expeditions into the ambience of particular patches of wild and ostensibly unremarkable local landscapes. The photographs comprising the roomy and doomy tableaux characterising this little moving image piece were taken during the short snap of very cold weather in early February. The snow had the effect of transforming a concave collection of unruly grasses, denuded shrubs and brambles into a near extra-terrestrial vista, with the surfeit of texture producing some excitingly illustrative images. While putting this film together, I kept seeing images of wearied polar explorers trudging across unforgiving tundra, or exhausted astronauts on inhospitable planets. It was bitterly cold while taking the original photographs, the wind coming straight off the sea, so I was very happy to walk only the few minutes home to sit beside the stove with a mug of tea.

8 thoughts on “Film: Lost In Fields Part 8 – Saxon Shore Scrub, February (2021)

  1. Loved the chilly film of lost in fields Phil. The wind is howling around my flat on the hill in Bristol so added to the atmosphere. I like those black lines of grasses that scamper across the field of vision. Jan

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      1. Thanks Phil, this year definitely made me really appreciate those cherished moments in places like Castle Hackett and completely opened my eyes to the magic on my doorstep, It won’t go amiss again!

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