Film: Getting Lost In Fields – Anthology 2020

On the cusp of the new year, I wanted to avoid any further musings on 2020 as they might relate to the pandemic, not least because I suspect the ‘new year’ is going to feel a lot like the old one – at least for a while. Instead, I’ve gathered together all seven ‘Lost In Fields’ films as my swansong to a strange, slow year that was not without its simple pleasures and rich in moments of beauty.

Knave’s Ash, October (2020)

We left the house late on Tuesday afternoon, the sun already leaving the sky. The wind was getting up too, so by the time we arrived at Knave’s Ash, the camera was struggling. That said, as is often the case, limitations gave rise to some pretty dream-like results, the orangey light from the already-set sun giving the final few yellow flower heads a last chance to glow.

Knave’s Ash Part 1 (2020)

Another evening walk, another glorious meadow, another glut of painterly photographs! Is it art or are they just 5000 piece jigsaws-in-waiting? What’s ultimately disappointing about these images, their billowing impressionist effects aside, is they can’t truly describe the way the breeze was running across the meadow, making puffs of powder paint out of all the red, yellow, silver and purple grass. It was another moment of magic out there.