Knave’s Ash Part 1 (2020)

Another evening walk, another glorious meadow, another glut of painterly photographs! Is it art or are they just 5000 piece jigsaws-in-waiting? What’s ultimately disappointing about these images, their billowing impressionist effects aside, is they can’t truly describe the way the breeze was running across the meadow, making puffs of powder paint out of all the red, yellow, silver and purple grass. It was another moment of magic out there.

3 thoughts on “Knave’s Ash Part 1 (2020)

  1. Amazing photos Phil,

    So hard to capture the delicacy, movement, sound and smell of the meadow. I have been trying for years to paint it, and also make versions of it for stop-motion. My final attempt was few years ago but now I can use your photos as giude and inspiration.

    Thank you for posting them.


    Francesca Maxwell


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    1. Thank you! To be honest, when I got these home after clicking away in the field, I experienced a proper squizz of excitement, because so often the thing you’re hoping for isn’t in the resulting image. There’s another batch of photographs from this same trip going out on the blog tomorrow morning – I did get rather carried away!


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