Film: Fundus (2021)

With many thanks to Deanna Crisbacher, I’m happy to present Fundus – a short experimental film originating from the series of photographs I produced for the Kick-About No.30. I had the strongest feeling these inner/outerspace images should move and liquefy, and in so doing, would further push my experience of them into the cosmic! I tried a few techniques out myself to achieve this, but ultimately called on Dee’s much more impressive box of tricks to produce the morphing effects I was after, with the addition of some apposite music, and a nod here and there to some classic science-fiction films. Thanks again to Dee, and also to the Kick-About community for the continuing impetus to make new work so directly.

10 thoughts on “Film: Fundus (2021)

    1. Thank you so much, and yes, always dragging Dee into these improbable collaborations… Phil: “Hey Dee, can you help me turn some of my peculiar photographs into a trippy, squishy cosmic experimental short?” Dee: “No probs!” ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Wow I love that you and Dee made a film out of this! You really get lost in all its swirling gooeyness! The music is so perfect too – nice and bassy and with those old school sci-fi gleams X

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