The Secret World Of Foley (2014)

When it came to my parenting, my step-dad had one solemn rule: I was never ever to tell him how certain things in his favourite movies were accomplished. Accordingly, behind-the-scenes documentaries were forbidden. My breathless chatter about puppets, animatronics and green-screen wizardry were quickly curtailed. For my step-dad, movies are real, dialogue arriving in the actors’ mouths spontaneously and as required. Special effects are nothing of the sort – they’re documentary footage. For this reason, watching a good film with him is one of my great pleasures; watching him watching movies returns me to the powerful magic of cinema.

That said, I think even my step-dad would enjoy Daniel Jewel’s wonderful The Secret World Of Foley, for though it certainly lifts the curtain between appearance and reality, it’s a backstage secret serving only to re-magic the illusions of cinematic storytelling.

I am always left invigorated by this short film. It never fails to get me off my arse.

2 thoughts on “The Secret World Of Foley (2014)

  1. Having recently completed the acoustic re-design of a foley studio, I am familiar with the environment but never get to see the action. Foley artists are protective of their techniques.
    But, that opening sequence is a familiar sight. Foley studios seem to be surrounded by the paraphernalia of the last or next recording session.

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