Inside Time (2020)

From the director, Matthew Harmer: “Inside Time is a look at the experience of lockdown that isn’t about headlines or statistics but about the small, simple ways in which it has perhaps transformed us, taught us something about time, about ourselves inside time. About how it stopped the clock for all of us.

The film is a product of The Shooting From Home Project, which I started back in March 2020, shortly after the lockdown began in the UK. I realised there must be loads of filmmakers, like me, stuck at home with no work, lots of time, and professional camera equipment just sitting around gathering dust, so I thought I would start a project to try and create something inspiring and beautiful out of the situation. With help from The Smalls and their filmmaking community, we collaborated with over 25 filmmakers from around the world, each giving us a glimpse of how they spent this unprecedented moment in time.”

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