Chimera Conversations @ Hedgecrows

Phil Cooper and I caught up for a chat over the weekend about our ongoing adventures in the weird and wonderful world of Chimera!


Concrete Eagle, illustration for Chimera, by Phil Gomm. Chapter 11, ‘A dark shape swooped suddenly from above...’, mixed media on paper, 40 x 40 xm

Sorry if you’ve received two versions of this post, the first version had a glitch, so please ignore that one and read on ….

As I posted on the blog a few weeks ago, I’ve been involved in an illustration project for a wonderful children’s book called Chimera, written by my friend Phil Gomm.

Chimera is now being released as an audiobook in the form of a weekly podcast, brilliantly narrated by Dan Snelgrove, You can listen to the latest podcast here.

In addition to the podcast, every week Phil publishes a post on his blog about the new Chimera release and about the new image I make in response to each chapter. It’s a stimulating and enjoyable collaboration, especially during…

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