Artist-In-Residence: Graeme Daly #6

It’s been rather too long since artist-in-residence, Graeme Daly, and I sat down for a proper blether about his continuing adventures as a freelancer, film-maker and photographer. I keep up with Graeme’s various creative endeavours via his Gentle Giant blog and Twitter feed, but nothing tops an old-fashioned chinwag…

Graeme Daly and Phil Gomm in conversation / August 12th 2021

Ash, from Graeme’s computer-animated short film, The Green Glider, rigged and ready to animate.

From Pools, Graeme’s short experimental film deriving from photographs taken deep in the Irish countryside in the depths of winter.

Shots from The Lighthouse Keeper, Graeme’s in-production stop-motion silhouette-puppet animation.

Graeme is also computer-modelling virtual ‘try-before-you-buy hats’ for Instagram.

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