Throwback Friday #120 ‘Three Screenprinted Doors’ (1998)

Back in 1998, as part of my masters degree, I developed a project outcome in which I screenprinted an original short story onto three ubiquitous wooden doors. The short story was about a man who experiences a moment of high-anxiety at the prospect of all the closed doors in his own home, and how he could no longer know what lay behind them. It was a pretty strange tale, and the technical challenge of devising a means of screenprinting using wood stain was not without its mishaps along the way. The screens themselves were massive, the medium fiendishly sticky, and the opportunity for ballsing it up were multiple. That said, the final result was very pleasing, and it excited me to think how you could apply woodstain so precisely, and, for a time at least, I imagined living in some house of wooden rooms, in which very surface offered up some reading material. No idea what happened to these doors, as these are photographs of photographs, which are all that survives of this project.

3 thoughts on “Throwback Friday #120 ‘Three Screenprinted Doors’ (1998)

  1. Wish I’d seen these at your exhibition, extraordinary idea and quite magical, haunting even. Nerve wracking process but refined precise results.

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