Les miroirs (2023)

What really resonated with me in regards to Diego Velázquez’s Las Meninas (our latest Kick-About prompt) is how ‘meta’ this painting is, in so much as it is a painting about painting. Las Meninas deconstructs itself by signposting its own artificiality and constructedness. For me, it produces a keen mise-en-abyme effect, as one constructed reality reflects another construction, with surfaces reflecting other surfaces in plain acknowledgment of illusion and artifice. It just feels very playful to me, so with that in mind, I set about bringing together as many reflective surfaces in one space as possible to play a few games of my own.

4 thoughts on “Les miroirs (2023)

  1. The cheeky thing here was all the mirror surfaces themselves were covered in dust etc (from having the bits of work done) which made for all these diffuse speckles and depth: a lovely example of working with what was in front of me (and being too lazy to polish anything – ha!)

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