The Kick About is kicking off.

In my previous incarnation as a course leader, it was not unusual for our creative community of students, staff and alumni to come together in the service of some great big extra-curricular project. We’d all have our own work to do and existing deadlines to meet, but somehow the prospect of doing something together – and doing something non-mandatory – just put a welcome spring in our step. Many of the projects of which I’m most proud professionally originated from just these kinds of playful collective origins. There is nothing more exciting than bringing a bunch of creative individuals together and just seeing what happens. In my experience ‘what happens’ is always something unexpected and valuable, oak trees from acorns and all that.

With this in mind, and with Covid-19 producing strange new peaks and troughs in our respective working lives, I wanted to start something here at Red’s Kingdom by inviting a bunch of talented artists* from different disciplines to come together for a kick about in the park. Last night, the invite below was sent out and the challenge excepted!

Watch this space!

*It’s early days, but maybe the Kick About will gather a-pace? If anyone else fancies a run-around, get in touch.

5 thoughts on “The Kick About is kicking off.

    1. Jordan! Thanks, and yes, let’s see how things develop on here. Congratulations again on the BBC screening of When The Tides Went Down – it looked great on my telly! Looking forward to kicking about with you on here too.


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