The Kick About #1 Moon In A Bottle

Moon in a Bottle 1955 Max Ernst 1891-1976

A warm welcome to Red Kingdom’s inaugural Kick About – a showcase of new work generated by a group of artists and creative sorts in response to a specific prompt.

Our collective jumping-off point was Max Ernst’s 1955 painting, Moon in a Bottle, and participants were encouraged to respond to Ernst’s image however they saw fit.

Featuring work in a wide range of media, The Kick About surely proves that exciting things happen when we play.

Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith, digital painting / /

Emily Clarkson

“I’ll be honest… I couldn’t connect with the painting itself so, I ended up going down a more literal word association route. There was just something whimsical about the idea of the moon in a little bottle, like it was something homemade and stowed on a higher power’s kitchen shelf or something.  Plus I learned a new AE trick in the process!”

Emily Clarkson, Sun In A Jar, created in After Effects
Emily Clarkson, Cosmos In A Cup, created in After Effects / /

Charly Skilling

Charly Skilling, Ceramic tile, Sharpie pens & alcohol
Charly Skilling, Moon in a Bottle

Graeme Daly

“I really enjoyed this. It may have just inspired an idea for a future film!”

@graemedalyart / / /

Jordan Buckner

“It started off a bit more moody blue cliffs and glowing sun. And I wanted it to be a bit more textural and collage, but it slowly edged towards something a bit more sci-fi.” 

Jordan Buckner, digital painting
Jordan Buckner, digital painting work-up / / /

Philip Cooper

Philip Cooper, ‘Supermoon’


Time was when you only had to worry about sleeping with a pistol and a silver bullet by your bed once a month. It was a chore, but, well, once a month, most people could handle and attacks were rare in the city anyway. That was two years ago. Everything has changed – everything!

I remember seeing the first batches of the Supermoon stuff on the shelves in the corner shop; ‘Like the Moon in a Bottle’ the advertising said. People laughed, and we bought some, drinking it for dares int the local woods. Everyone was telling us kids it was so dangerous, that it should be banned and we shouldn’t touch it, so what else were we going to do? Government ministers and various ‘experts’ dismissed the stuff as a hoax, said it was just soda water, marketed by charlatan looking to fleece the gullible. Just a few weeks later, though, and stories began to emerge on the news; odd, gruesome killings, usually in remote parts of the country.

Still no need to worry, they told us, it’s a one off, a ‘lone wolf’. Then, very quickly, the truth emerged. Supermoon WAS like the moon in a bottle, it really DID make werewolves transform into their wolf self with just a mouthful, at any time, even in broad daylight and a week away from a full moon.

Then the authorities started to take it seriously; hunting for the makers, the labs, the factories, the supply lines. But it was too late. There was so much of it out there by that time. The werewolves had got hold of litres of it and the havoc and devastation they were causing was like something from a movie. Things fell apart in a matter of days. The cost of silver went up to 7000% times that of gold, wars broke out to take control of the silver mines, communities turned on each other. Rumours and conspiracy theories spread like wildfire, weird cults sprang up; crazy people wanting to get bitten, join the emerging new power, get out of their mundane little lives and have an adventure – and they got bitten all right.

We’re the lucky ones, we keep being told. Mum and dad took us all to one of the compounds and made it in just in time.

But we don’t sleep much. We thought were were safe here behind the 3m thick concrete bunker walls and the gun towers but things aren’t going well. It seems the werewolves are getting smarter and working together. We heard that the compound down south near Southhampton has fallen, that they got in somehow. How can this be happening? 

No, we don’t sleep much, and we all have a pistol by our bed with a silver bullet. It’s the new normal.

Anon. 13th June, 2024 / /

Phil Gomm

Phil Gomm, nylon tights, thread, PVA, acrylic
Phil Gomm, nylon tights, thread, PVA, acrylic

Glen Coleman

Glen: His name is Wane.

Phil: As in a ‘waning moon’, perhaps?

Glen: Yep, haha.

Glen Coleman, ‘Wane’ made in Solidworks

Phill Hosking

I was always going to go this route as an opener. Really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the collective have come up with.”

Phill Hosking, digital painting /

Simon Holland

“I did a thing, charcoal, pastel and other sh*t!” / /

So, who’s up for another kick-about in the park with jumpers for goal-posts? We have a brand new prompt, courtesy of Emily ‘Sun-In-A-Jar’ Clarkson, and a new submission date. See below – and if you’re looking at this thinking you’d like to get involved too, get in touch and we’ll sort it.

20 thoughts on “The Kick About #1 Moon In A Bottle

  1. Reblogged this on Hedgecrows and commented:
    Have a wander over to the fab new blog by my friend Phil Gomm. He’s coordinating a great creative challenge at the moment called The Kick About and i’ve really enjoyed putting together a contribution this week. Some terrific work by artists from all over the world – enjoy!

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  2. What a fantastic post Phil, i’ve really enjoyed taking part and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the terrific work this morning. Charly’s poem is beautiful! And when does Wane go into production because I’d happily barge small children and old ladies out of the way in the toy shop to get my hands on one!

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    1. Thanks Scoops – and thank you for your great filmic image – and the behind-the-scenes stuff too. We all love to look behind the curtain and see how the magic happened, right? We should all do more of that in future editions. So, next up, ‘metropolis’… hmmmm.

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    1. Hey Harry! That’s exciting, welcome aboard. Were you thinking in response to the Ernst painting, or something in response to the new prompt ‘metropolis’ for the next showcase?


      1. It would be for the “Metropolis” prompt. I have something I did last year that I’d like to contribute (if being done last year doesn’t invalidate it) and with time and luck, something newly created.


  3. GREAT! There’s certainly no ‘invalidation’ rules when there are jumpers for goal posts, Harry 🙂 Bring it on – and it’s nice to meet you on here. I’m very happy about this! 😀


    1. Hello there! ‘lo-fi’ is marvellous, there’s no preference regarding media at all and I think a rich mix of analogue and digital, creative writing, sound, moving image, photography etc is just what everyone is hoping for from a thing like this, so approach the prompt however you like 🙂

      In terms of ‘submissions’, really I’m just thinking that participants send their submission to the email here: (including all their social media stuff and links etc) and any accompanying text or thoughts on the process. You’ll see that some people provided some process shots for some behind-the-scenes stuff in addition to the final image, and that’s always great to see and share, so really, you just send me what you’d like included, and then I put it together and off we go.

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