Gelata Spongia Oculus Eruptus #2

Last week, I was able to announce work is underway on a new animated short designed to keep Ethan Shilling and myself out of trouble for the next few weeks or two. Since then, Ethan has clearly been hard at work in his secret laboratory deep within the catacombs of Red’s Kingdom giving bristling life to a series of computer-generated flatworms… That’s not a sentence you type very often, but in our continuing quest to envision a clutch of old BBC SFX as ‘living fossils’, there will be stranger proclamations on here I have no doubt!

3 thoughts on “Gelata Spongia Oculus Eruptus #2

  1. These are utterly delightful, and I think they’re also perfect stressbusters; watching a worm having a fit of the giggles is guaranteed to make you feel happier 😀


    1. Evening Phil – so yes, a few more experiments here. We’re going to have different critters for each of the sound effects, so we’re thinking jellyfish-type creatures of the laughter (so we can see their hooped skirts fluttering and billowing as they laugh) and these rather more unpleasant ‘flat worms’ for the coughing and snorting. We’re also figuring out the final look of the film too – so something that mimics the flat illustrations of Haeckel…

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