Throwback Friday #5 The Queen Mab Scherzo (2019)

Under the eccentric-sounding title Gelata Spongia Oculus Eruptus, I talked about a new film project in-the-offing that utilises a sound-visualisation widget to power animated imagery. Invented by Ethan Shilling, the plug-in was developed for live-synchronisation concerts of Hector Berlioz’s Romeo and Juliet. Arguably the best known piece from Berlioz’s music is the Queen Mab Scherzo, which is full of wonderful flurries and dainty magic, which is only right and proper considering Queen Mab is the fairy responsible for the delivery of our dreams.

While the music drives the animation, the art direction behind the visuals references traditional 2D animation, Tinkerbell, the fairies of Fantasia and the magic outpourings of Aladdin’s lamp…

Queen Mab in rehearsal with conductor Arie van Beek in Katowice, Poland

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