8 thoughts on “Hart Hill (2020)

  1. Thank you! It was funny, looking at the images in readiness for posting, all I could see by the end of it was fish, even though just a few hours before I’d been standing in the middle of rather damp wheat field. I’m hoping to return to the same spot under sunnier conditions, a different feel then I expect – or maybe just lots more fish? 😀

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  2. I don’t like to push my own barrow on other’s blogs, but I wrote a poem that was good enough to get pinched by someone somewhere:
    Swaying grass in wind
    teaches me to dance in one spot.
    It makes the hillside waltz but really not.
    It just seems that way…. etc

    I think your fish image is better! Of course, part of the experience is the wonderful wind!

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  3. Push away! I’m very happy for your complete poem to appear on here – nick one of these images for a re-post of your poem on your blog – I guess that’s the nice thing about putting stuff out there, right? Nicking stuff with links and provenance is what collaboration looks like 🙂

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    1. I know, my mum is a champion crochet-er, so I’m always having chats about wool and colours – and I can definitely feel an itch sometimes to take these photographs into textiles – I just don’t have the talent for such a thing – unless it’s sewing things from nylon-tights… but those things always end up as abject! Do you stitch? If so, stitch away!

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      1. I do quite a bit of embroidery. I recently pulled out something I started years ago that incorporates some ideas from Van Gogh. Still trying to pick up my train of thought with it. And its large, so months of stitching lie ahead. But I find it meditative.


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