Hart Hill Again Part 3 (2020)

After parts one and two, it’s part three of the series of photographs taken at Hart Hill, Kent. Just as you may be running out of patience with these images, I’m running out of ways to express my pleasure at this patch of land – but not quite! So see the way the whiskers hover above the barley like wisps of blonde blown smoke and how the wind furrows and ruffles with its soft quick fingers…

12 thoughts on “Hart Hill Again Part 3 (2020)

  1. I know. It’s because it changes so much and when you’re out there taking the pictures, you get greedy, snapping away to keep what you’re seeing because you don’t want to miss anything – and then you’re left with loads of very similar images and you’re left thinking… oh, another one of those! 😀


    1. Definitely!! ❤ yeah, I'm not too bad thank you! I've been working on my digital painting skills recently, picking up some clay again and hoooooooping to try my hand at 2D animation soon if my brain doesn't get in the way too much. If you fancy a look I mostly use instagram these days: https://www.instagram.com/mollys_makes/
      How've you been?? How is being locked up in lovely Whitstable? 😀 x


  2. The more the merrier, and I’d like to see more crafters/makers/things in the mix – it’s simple really, you respond to the new prompt in whatever way suggests itself and then you send an image of your stuff to me on or before the submission date with a few words and anything else you’d like to say plus your socials, and then that’s it…


    (scroll down to the very end of the showcase for the prompt and submission date) – the prompt is there as a jumping off point – it relates to a title of a specific book, but that’s not an instruction or a starting place – ‘getting lost’ is the thrust of it, I guess!


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