Boughton Scrub, September #1 (2020)

My last visit to Boughton Scrub was back in July, and it was a riot of Summer froth and cockerel colours. Yesterday evening, with the sun already setting, this same stretch of unbothered grassland presented much softer effects, white balls of fluff from the still-flowering field of blue-lilac Phacelia tanacetifolia puffing past me like snowflakes. The breeze was very cool and strong, so at no point were the swathes of grass, thistle and rumex perpendicular or still. Everything everywhere billowed, producing dabs of pastel smoke and throwing up welcome daubs of gold from rogue sunflowers nodding in the wind. Again, the range of colour, texture and movement in this one small patch of ground was astonishing. More images to follow over the coming days.

3 thoughts on “Boughton Scrub, September #1 (2020)

  1. Cheers João-Maria 🙂 ‘The meat of the earth’! I don’t know if you read it, but in The Rift I got both ‘galaxial’ and ‘pellicule’ into the mix in homage to you and your honorary role at Red’s Kingdom as ‘enhancer of vocabulary’ 🙂 I hope all is well.

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    1. Haven’t had the chance to properly read it; otherwise, I would have certainly detected it. I’m honoured to have some impact, no matter the amount. It means a lot to inspire established artists such as yourself; I suppose that is the symbiosis between aspiration and inspiration.

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