Chimera Book 1 / Chapter 6 – The Mannequin

It’s Sunday afternoon, the evening is drawing in, and the wind is scuttling the leaves along the pavements… It must be time for the next chapter of Chimera Book 1, read by Dan Snelgrove.

Last time in Chimera Book 1:

“Kyp wondered how long it would take for the fugue to vanish his memories.  He thought about the magician in the top hat with the nice face and pockets filled with silk.  He imagined the fugue extinguishing the rainbow-coloured spotlights above him one by one, the light around the magician shrinking inch-by inch until there was nothing but the dark.  The idea of that slow, shrinking circle chilled Kyp, but there was comfort in it too. 

He stared down at the babyish crayon drawing in his hand, and at the silly patch of wallpaper.  He thought too about the soft green leaf he still carried about with him, and about the conker on its long red bootlace, his pockets stuffed with all this pointless rubbish.  What good to him was any of it now?  It was all just so much dust, and yet how it weighed on him too.  He might just as well have filled his pockets with rocks.

Kyp was about to tear up the crayon drawing and the wallpaper and scatter their pieces amongst the other scraps and outcasts, when a cry startled him from his chair.  The periwigs ceased their chatter.  Something else was lost in the fog…”

Chapter 6 – The Mannequin

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