Dan Snelgrove: Physics, Flakes, and The Horse Whisperer

Actor Dan Snelgrove has been working really hard in his home recording studio giving his heart and soul to his reading of Chimera Book 1. We’ve released six chapters so far, with the sixth chapter introducing the story’s principle villain, the alluring and sinister, Madame Chartreuse. Getting under the skin of all these larger-than-life characters is no small creative feat and in our recent conversation, I was keen to learn more about Dan’s approach to inhabiting Madame Chartreuse.

In this short chat, Dan tells me about his past-life as a student of physics, the pivotal role of chocolate, and we discuss too the ways in which Dan’s post-production of each episode is lending enhanced dynamism to the characters’ dialogue.

Dan & Phil in conversation, October 13th 2020

Dan’s workstation in his recording studio – note bottles of beer and multiple chocolate wrappers!

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