Chimera Book 1 / Chapter 8 – The Moppet-Drover

The clocks have gone back and the weather is rotten. It’s time to get comfortable with a cuppa and biscuit, and pick-up where we left off with Kyp Finnegan and Atticus Weft at the mercy of the ankle-snatchers…

Last time in Chimera Book 1 read by Dan Snelgrove:

Sandwiched between a compress of bedsprings, Kyp thought he was going to suffocate. In the hot, airless dark, the ankle-snatchers pulled and prodded him. They put their long clammy fingers in his ears, up his nose and rifled through his pockets. They pulled at his hair. Kyp wanted to scream, but he didn’t dare open his mouth.

At last, he felt the squash of mattresses give way as the ankle-snatchers pulled him out into a dimly illuminated cave. That done, the creatures dropped to the floor and crawled away quickly into the walls.

Kyp sank to his knees, Atticus gathered around his neck and shoulders like a scarf. He tried to get up, but the atmosphere in the cave was hot and airless. If he could only keep his eyes from closing…

Chapter 8 – The Moppet-Drover

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Chapter 9 – Captain Toothache & The Silver Locket

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