Throwback Friday #42 Whitstable Garden, Late Summer (2019)

As the temperature continues to drop, I’m hankering after a blast of Summer heat and colour. Yesterday afternoon, the falling snow went from quick, dry powder to lilting goose feathers, and our small garden was transformed. I took the photograph below from our kitchen door, snowflakes settling on the toes of my woollen socks. Beautiful though it certainly was out there, I couldn’t help but fast-forward the scene before me. The snow has buried the snowdrops and the hellebores, but strange to think all that saturated summer colour is buried out there too, embers, already stirring under the frozen earth.

Whitstable garden, February 10th, 2021

2 thoughts on “Throwback Friday #42 Whitstable Garden, Late Summer (2019)

  1. What a stunning garden Phil.

    I have the same longing here in the West where we are being treated to the most whistling of winds and icy cold ones that sting your face. No snow as yet but the garden is cringing in the cold. I visited it today upset for the plants that were peaking through far too early to be driven back or even destroyed by this unforgiving wind.

    Happy Chinese New Year!



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