Aquarius (2021)

So, this is what I learned during my hardly exhaustive research into the ‘age of Aquarius’ in preparation for this week’s Kick-About; that in addition to all the immediate water-based imagery that associates with it, some scholars of all things astrological identify electricity as one of the keenest indications of the Aquarian age.

Originally I had film in mind as my response to the prompt, something rather doomy and cynical juxtaposing the optimism given to the age of Aquarius with the lived reality of recent events and the rise of populism in politics… but, while good and worthwhile possibly, it was also going nowhere visually! Instead, I wondered how I might bring the Aquarian motifs of electricity and water together in a suitably cosmic way – without blowing myself up in the process!

So it was I returned to the site of the scrying mirror, that small body of water so fascinating to me in its blackness (but which also makes it quite smelly!), and cracked out a few techniques familiar to me from previous photographic adventures in other dark places. It is certainly the dawning of something going on here…

5 thoughts on “Aquarius (2021)

  1. I love these Phil! The framing of the black chunky trees on the left to the misty light on the right with those perplexing electrical bursts! – Might this be another series in your adventures of painting with light!? X

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  2. Dear Phil,

    I love your lighting pieces, the previous one included. I am preparing for a workshop at the NFTS called “Character of Place”, its a collaboration between Production Designers, Animation Directors and Cinematographers using pixillation, they will be divided into groups, work on the story, build the set with very limited facilities and a tiny budget, light it, act in it, edit it and then show it, all in 4 days, all working together not in a hierarchical set up. Naturally the main point is choosing the “situation” which create the story or which is as valid a character as the actors are in telling the story. To make a long story short, I am putting together a powerpoint to introduce the workshop and I would like to use one or more of your images as reference. I particular like UFO 351, chair-light-room-ii-reds, Temple2, staircase-thing and redfloor, they are great examples of powerful but simple setting, lighting and texture.

    Hope all is well with you. You really are throwing us some hard challenges with these kick-abouts!


    Francesca Maxwell


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  3. Hey Francesca – crikey, yes, by all means, grab whatever suits your needs, no problem. Let me know if you can access everything you’re after. I know – ‘Age of Aquarius’ – really got me scratching my head, and then, off into the darkness we went! Looking forward to seeing your own ‘top pick’ for our birthday bash. Hope all is well and you’re keeping those students of yours very firmly on their toes!

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