After Calder #2 / Cellophane (2021)

With one of Alexander Calder’s wonderful sculptures-comes-mobiles as the prompt for the latest Kick-About, I initially set about producing these digital compositions in Photoshop. I then happened on a much more lo-fi opportunity, resulting from my husbandโ€™s impressive consumption of Quality Street chocolates over the Christmas period; Quality Street come wrapped in these lovely squares of coloured cellophane, which my husband turned into an ad-hoc garland hanging down from the mirror โ€“ in glorification of his gluttony!

Suspending the streamer of sweet wrappers from the ceiling, I set out about photographing it from below โ€“ lying on my back on the floor and framing the shots to avoid the presence of the cobwebs and the smoke detector! I enjoyed very much the water-colouresque results in all their floatiness, and Iโ€™m tempted to draw some conclusion here about the routes towards inspiration being found more-often-than-not in the realm of analogue activities.

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