After Asawa #1 (2023)

Ruth Asawa’s sculptures – our prompt for The Kick-About No.74 – at once reminded me of the sorts of drawings produced by childhood Spirographs – not so much the organic shapes, but their transparency, layering, and particularly the densifying of line and mesh as the interior and exterior shapes combine.

Without recourse to an abundance of thread (or time), I wondered how I might produce some kind of equivalent impression – of volume, but also some of those wonderful floating overlaps of cross-hatching and shade.

Reaching for some acetate sheets, an old wooden ruler, and a permanent marker, I marked up a few of the sheets with lots of fine straight lines, then turned the sheets into funnels and cones with a square or two of Selotape holding them in place. Turns out, when you photograph these cones, something rather lovely transpires.

5 thoughts on “After Asawa #1 (2023)

  1. These are stunning. Images and concept! Not to mention a nice reminder of the hours and hours I sent with coloured pens spinning the plastic wheels of my Spirograph (though not nearly as much time as spent with the Etch-a-Sketch).

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  2. Yeah, bloody Etch-a-Sketch – I think there’s likely a circle of hell where you have to draw… well, circles on an Etch-a-Sketch!!! 😀 Thanks for the kind words. I really enjoyed finding my way to this and I think to myself… a better camera, a MUCH bigger sheet of acetate, a perfectly empty studio space…


  3. These are absolutely stunning. I’m not entirely clear on how you made them, but however you did, you created something so beautiful. (I’ve had a crazy busy fortnight, so although I started on this prompt, I haven’t finished.)



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