After Hicks #1 (2023)

I was very drawn to Sheila Hick’s fabric marshmallow-y boulders, but knew right away I didn’t have the resources or the space to emulate the scale of Hick’s installations – the prompt for The Kick-About No.79.

I did have at my disposal a large bag of crimped, shredded cardboard used for packing out parcels and I wondered if I could work with it in such a way as to produce some Hicks-inspired forms, while maintaining some of the material’s frizzy, explosive qualities. I flattened out some fine mesh bags onto a table, and on top of that, layered the shredded cardboard, and then dolloped some quick-drying filler onto the cardboard, before gathering the bag up around the mixture and tying the whole thing off like an improbable dumpling and setting it aside to dry. When I unpeeled the bag, I was left with these unravelled sculptural forms, which I then photographed against some solid colour in another nod to Sheila Hicks.  Lots of fun at the arts and crafts table this week!

5 thoughts on “After Hicks #1 (2023)

  1. These are beautiful Phil. Sculpturally and design-wise with the backgrounds. These could be something out of the Communication Arts Photography annuals I used to get (long ago). Striking forms – and the process sounds highly creative as well!

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    1. Dear Chris – thanks so much for this lovely feedback. So supportive of you and warmly appreciated. Making these forms was really playful and I wasn’t sure what would happen when the ‘dumplings’ were unwrapped, so I was excited when they ‘held their own’ and didn’t fall apart into all their otherwise rather random constituents. Thanks again for taking the time.

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