Brett’s #1 (2023)

One of the things guarding against the prettification of my home town is the presence of Brett’s aggregate factory slap-bang in the harbour. With Charles Sheeler’s flattened abstractions in my sights – this week’s Kick-About prompt – and likewise his use of colour, I went out to photograph the factory buildings, with the idea of collaging them, so moving quickly beyond this first act of recording them.

Whitstable is celebrated for its skyscapes. and on this day, the clouds were so much lace and the light was pin-prick clean. Had my camera been old school, I’d have anyway plumped for a polarising filter by which to pull more drama and detail from the clouds; in the instance of these images, I polarised my images in post and licked my lips as the skies offered up all this tonal range and texture. The dystopian vibes of these photographs diverge at once from Sheeler’s calming expressions of modernity; my photographs remind me of sets from science-fiction movies; they’re all a bit Metropolis and I don’t mind saying I’m very happy about that. I walk past this factory all the time; it’s never felt this cinematic before.

3 thoughts on “Brett’s #1 (2023)

  1. Just Breathtaking Phil! Those powdery clouds feel like you could reach and grab them – I’m curious did you expose twice? – once for Bretts factory and one for the clouds and stitch them together in post? Whatever magic you conjured it makes me want to take my camera out.. X

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  2. No – it was simple as using the black and white filter in Photoshop – and isolating the blue channel, which polarised the sky – as opposed to the factory 🙂


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