Throwback Friday #1 Room II, Red Floor (2015)

Now I’ve done it. The problem with launching a blog, self-styled as a whirring hub of creative outputs, is the immediate pressure to populate it with an endless supply of whirring creative outputs…

One strategy for feeding this new monster of mine is to feature older stuff (and maybe some very old stuff) from my back catalogue in a weekly feature imaginatively entitled ‘Throwback Friday’. Who knows what I’ll be dragging up from the archives over the coming weeks and months? When I start posting photographs of myself as a child making pictures out of pasta shapes, someone will have to tell me enough is enough!

I’ll inaugurate this weekly feature by returning to a large empty dark room in an old French house. It’s August 2015, the rest of the house is asleep upstairs, and with a child’s fascination for unexplained phenomena, I’ve just set my camera up in the hope of capturing on film the manifestation of forces strange and remarkable…

Red Floor from the Room II series (2015)

2 thoughts on “Throwback Friday #1 Room II, Red Floor (2015)

  1. Morning Scoops – yes, if only people could see the various lo-fi ways in which this image was created! But in lots of ways that’s what I enjoyed so much about making these – the camera literally saw ‘what wasn’t in the room’ – or at least wasn’t completely visible to this human’s eye..


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