Throwback Friday #14 Foreshore (2007)

When you first move to a small seaside town there are certain irresistible behaviours, sociological tropes that cannot be swerved. Some of these include: eating more fish and chips than is good for you and sitting too long in the sun on the beach. Others include sneaking glances at men who are trying to put their pants on under a damp towel and failing, and of course, collecting shells, sea glass and soft, palm-sized pebbles from the foreshore and bringing them back to the house. Another classic behavior is photographing those artefacts in artful black and white. Images like the ones I’m sharing here are as ubiquitous as the very things they depict – and yet, when I look at them again today, I remember clearly those first few days, weeks, and months, when the novelty of the sea and its new proximity was a siren’s song, and in my sandy pockets, all this humble treasure.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Friday #14 Foreshore (2007)

  1. Every time I go to the beach I come home with shells–I have baskets and baskets full. I’ve drawn them many times but I never thought to photo them like this. I like how the lack of color adds to their mystery. (K)


  2. These were taken using 1600 black and white 35mm film for the high contrasts and noise – I always liked using 1600 because it dialled up the chances of producing a nice atmosphere. Can we looked forward to some new shell photographs then?


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