Throwback Friday #21 Arrivals III (2015)

Sometimes it is better not to know how something was achieved. For example, if I were to tell you how the ad-hoc apparatus used to produce this particular image was fashioned together from slats of wood, pound-shop torches, lots of black gaffer tape and a ratty length of blue nylon rope, some of its otherworldly allure may fade. Indeed, no one was more surprised than I when these unpromising constituents gave rise to this electrical feathered thing swooping through the darkness of rural France.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Friday #21 Arrivals III (2015)

  1. Haha – that’s because the apparatus was suspended from a tree – like a massive swing – so I’m actually not in the frame at all, but standing off-frame watching in slight horror as the structure whirled through the air in lethal, health-and-safety-baiting circles!


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