Short film: Tuinvolk (2023)

This week, The Kick-About No.75 had Hieronymus Bosch’s deliciously abstruse painting, The Garden Of Earthly Delights, as its prompt, and I was prompted to produce a little maquette in homage to the strange pink architecture in Bosch’s landscape and likewise his swarms of small pink people.

Having made my little ball of Bosch, I got thinking about raves in woodlands and the likes of the Glastonbury music festival, and I was reminded of a bit of footage I once saw online of an alfresco raver dancing away in the dawning light – even though the music had long since stopped and everyone else was heading home. I thought about Bosch’s garden revellers and how, exhausted from their various exertions, and stoned on strawberry pips and pectin, they might commune nonetheless with the sunrise. By way of a response, I made this little film quickly and simply, with Tuinvolk being Dutch for ‘Garden Folk’

3 thoughts on “Short film: Tuinvolk (2023)

  1. Phil this is absolutely amazing! I love it. Where I feel a trapped or quietly desperate (human) aspect to the static piece, the addition of the light and music have lifted the figures to some sort of mythic or religious proportion. I think of light and sound descending on Stonehenge or the Easter Islands. I’m ridiculously excited by how cool I find your transformation – both from the perspective of an artist transforming a work or idea, and in the altered personality of the art object or experience itself.

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  2. Ooh Chris – what a lovely bit of feedback, and yes, Easter Island and ritual were in my thoughts, plus The Wicker Man (a frequent muse of mine, as I love it so). I think I’m rather lo-fi really, and always drawn to ‘in-camera’ transformations and stuff like that. Anyway, thanks again for your kindness and your enthusiasm. Ta very much 🙂


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