Film: Lost In Fields Part 7 – Oare, Late November (2020)

A seventh short little exercise in seeking to evoke a particular place and time through the simplest means of image, movement and sound. Our trip out to the nature reserve at Oare, Faversham, Kent coincided with a wonderful sunset and pellucid moonrise, our slow shamble among the tall feathered reeds and every-which-way grasses accompanied by the haunting trill of curlews. As the light faded further, the landscape just fell away into tawny softness. It was other-worldly out there. I hope this short film expresses some of that.

8 thoughts on “Film: Lost In Fields Part 7 – Oare, Late November (2020)

  1. It’s about trying to capture the misty, melty, indistinctness of the environment out there – everything is soft and getting softer as the light changes. I’m hoping for a final ‘Lost In Fields’ in 2020… with some snow or heavy frost, but that kind of weather is looking increasingly unlikely, isn’t it – instead, we just have this grey wet vibe 😦

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    1. I can imagine dustings of snow would really make it pop and light the landscape brilliantly! It might not happen before the end of 2020 but maybe in the New Year we might have another “Beast from the East” A final fuck you to 2020 😂 X

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  2. That was really beautiful and mesmerising. I live very close to Oare marshes. I loved the choice of music, though at first it made me think of the Highlands of Scotland (think I’ve been watching too much Outlander!), but the drone does something to me. The timelessness of it which the marshes certainly have in their amorphousness and the constant swaying of the reeds, here held still to be properly admire. Love it.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it. Musically I guess I was just going for something a bit other-worldly. I spent a lot of time this year out and about in the Kent hinterlands with my camera: there’s more going on here than an enormous lorry park and a gloomy cloud of Covid, right? 😉


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